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Online course - scalping with DOM: how to make money on short-term trades in the futures market

Learn how to use a DOM and T&S to find profitable entry and exit points What is scalping with DOM and why do I need it? Scalping is a type of trading in which a trader opens and closes trades within seconds or minutes, capitalizing on small price fluctuations. Scalping futures requires high concentration, reaction speed and discipline, but with the right approach can bring fast and high returns. DOM is a tool that shows you which bids to buy and sell an asset are available in the market, and at what price and volume they are offered. T&S will help you understand what support and resistance levels are working in the market, what volumes are being traded at different prices, what signals the big players are giving and what strategies can be used for scalping.  Example of an order book DOM - (Depth of Market): What will you get in this course? Basic information: - Joining a limit order. - Market order. - Parameters. - Tape. - Auction. - Block. - Evasion of the K algorithm. Durati